Dating drama queen

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There are so many ups and downs with her, you don’t even remember half of them anymore.

It’s now just become a part of the relationship that you’ve adapted to.

- Insecurity Signs: 11 Ways To Know For Sure If You Are Feeling Insecure In Your Relationship Even though your date may look a gorgeous twenty-seven year old, if she is a drama queen she will perhaps have the emotional age of someone one-third of her age.

This is because drama queens are childish in the way that they always want to be the center of attention; they believe the world revolves around them and like a child they cannot understand – or don’t want to – why their needs and feelings should not come first.

They are the ultimate micro managers with an obsession over tiny details that sometimes don’t even exist.

Drama queens spend a lot of time comparing their lives to others.

A drama queen would drive your insane with a constant stream of how every bit of her life stacks up against families, friends, colleagues, and the neighbors.

Here’s the thing, when a drama queen believes in you, she’ll build you up so that you can achieve great things.

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Incidentally she is only too aware where her tantrums will not work – for example may be at the courthouse or hospital – and thus it is only with you that she makes a scene because she is sure of the effect she will have.However, drama queens – for the most part – are not the most rational people. - Fixing Insecurity: 11 Smart Ways To Get Over Insecurity In A Relationship You could rob a bank and show up at her front door with one million dollars, but she still wouldn’t be happy with what you did. See, what happens is you spend most of your time trying to please her because she’s never happy. Absolutely not, but she’s not looking for someone to communicate with on a deep level, she’s looking for a guy that’ll run everywhere to please her.As such, they’ll forgo any logical response and immediately assume that the worst happened. In addition, she uses this to manipulate you, so next time, she gets what she wants. She’s not asking you if you can do something for her, she’s telling you to do it. The most obvious sign of a drama queen is that she has an emotional reaction to everything around her.In fact, the excessive emotionality which characterizes a drama queen also affects her own equanimity.Thus if your girlfriend is offended by something someone says or does, she will keep thinking and talking about this problem all days and nights.

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