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In those 4 days, the Boot Camp will help you address and deal with your baggage and damage.

You will increase your self esteem, worth and value.

You will discover a deeper level of peace and joy in your life.

Because the games and drills are progressive each day, building upon one another, you must commit to attend the program in its entirety of all 4 days.

YOU will be an active participant in your healing journey and will come away with the tools to create the life you've always wanted!

WHAT YOU WILL LEARNYou will learn to communicate effectively, to resolve conflict in a productive way, to put the past in the past and forgive.

We show you how to co-parent in a way that is best for the children and we bring you the latest and greatest research on how to improve your sex life.

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The Boot Camp program is an intense, interactive, 4-day healing experience equivalent to 2 years of individual psychotherapy.

and a master’s level education in Counseling Psychology; she brings a unique combination of experience in contemporary culture and insight into the psychodynamics of the human mind and relationships.

Elizabeth brings practical experience in teaching, public speaking, corporate training, and counseling.

This team is bonded with a vision to help hurting people and revive marriages.

Our team of counselors and coaches have over 60 years of combined experience in Marriage Seminar Leadership!

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