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The age of consent is equally set at 18 regardless of gender.Section 533-4 of the penal code criminalizes “indecent assaults” against minors at least 15 but less than 18.Sexual Rights Database - Democratic Republic of the Congo The age of consent is 18 regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender.Although Djiboutian law establishes that parties to a marriage should be 18 or over, there is an exemption in cases where minors may marry with the consent of their guardians.

Sexual Rights in Benin The age of consent is 18, but homosexuality is punishable by 7 years' imprisonment."Heterosexual Sodomy" (anal and/or oral sex with an opposite-sex partner) is illegal, Article 388 of the Penal Code.As well as all same-sex sexual conduct, Article 338, and "outrages to public decency", Article 333.Section 533-19 makes it illegal to incite to debauchery or promote the corruption of minors Penal Code of Burkina Faso (French) Under the new Penal Code of 2009 (in French), the age of consent in Burundi for heterosexuals (both men and women) is 18 years.The minimum age of consent in Cameroon is 16, as specified in article 346 of the 2016 penal code.

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