Dating and viability Chatrondom moldova

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It is useful to have a moderately full bladder, which can allow a better picture of the baby as your bladder pushes the uterus up above the pelvic bone.

I agree they told me to drink 1 liter....almost died I had to let a lil out twice before going in for my Ultra sound. She said next time only drink half the amount, the liter is for people who are over weight and she said if your on the smaller side its way to much liquid.

It is important to remember that this is a diagnostic procedure and the sonographer will need to concentrate on the images of your baby.

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Also do the techs generally give you a picture to take and discuss anything with you, or is all of this forwarded to the doctor who will then discuss with me? i just was told about my time for my 20 week today, but i was a lot further off, and i dunno about the sex... It depends on the u/s place if they will share with you or send it to your dr. I was scheduled for mine at 11 weeks and they dated me at 11w4d, but couldn't *quite* get all the measurements they needed so I got to come back two weeks later!

i had one at 13 weeks and it was pretty quick (15 min or less)... the hosptial i went to had the option to buy pictures but we didn't bother doing it since we only 13 weeks and the baby showed it's back the whole time... my tech decribed everything we were looking at and told us the size and weight and that i was about a week further then i had thought. Tip: I would highly recommend finding out how much water they ask you to drink, and trying that amount some days before your appointment; the place I went asked me to drink 40oz before, and I was bursting in the waiting room.

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