Dating an ibanez acoustic guitar Privatelive cam

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Similarly, serial number 09050112 indicates the 112th guitar made during May 2009.

In mid/late 2012, US distributed Japanese-built guitars switched to the year designation that guitars distributed in Japan use.

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Most Ibanez models with this serial number format are made by Fuji Gen Gakki. It is claimed that the H is the initial of the first name of the at that time director of the company, Haruo Terada. (7=1987 to 6=1996) The last 5 digits is the production number which is increased by 5000 each month. System Specs Supported Operating Systems Mac: OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) Pro Tools 10 only, 10.9.5 (Mavericks) - mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) Windows: Windows 7 - Windows 10 Graphics Card Requirements A graphics card with Open GL 2.0 support is required to display the visualizations in Vocal Synth 2.Exceptions are the Ibanez Blazer models which were made by Dyna Gakki and the Axstar.DATING IBANEZ GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS Ibanez officially uses serial numbers on their guitars from September 1975 onwards.The Ibanez serial numbers generally consist of a string of letters and numbers, but in some cases only numerically. Unfortunately, Ibanez does not use a uniform format for their serial numbers.The guitar production is outsourced to different companies in various countries where the numbering schemes are different in each factory.

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