Dating a man with bipolar Xxxonline chat

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You lose focus of the present moment with your partner. So, let’s jump to the 5 signs that I deem most noteworthy. We’re drawn to people with similar beliefs, values, upbringing and so on. These bad mindsets are what cause your BPD partner to push you away, give you the cold shoulder, and seek out other partners behind your back. If she comes approaching you wanting attention, you’re on the right track. I know you have a good heart and you’re trying to make your BPD partner as happy as possible.

Opposites attract is a myth (which is another truth I’ve been teaching for years). But, these intense feelings of affection soon fade. This needy behavior triggers the Borderline’s fear of abandonment. Too many people make the same, common mistakes in BPD relationships. You want the best for you, your partner and the relationship.

When you try to “fix” your partner’s problems, you lose focus on reality. Borderline’s (and most women in general) are like cats.

They come and go as they please, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

She subconsciously argues with you because she wants to test if you’re a man. Beta males will also try to not argue, but will do it from a state of weakness.

This is a key difference and it’s why you must be of the alpha type to have any sort of success in BPD relationships.

Furthermore, I am aware that Bipolar is a serious issue. But, what I will say, is that attaining complete control over your mental and emotional state gives you the best shot at a better relationship. So, let’s focus on achieving an imperfect life that still helps you and your partner enjoy each other and the relationship.You can’t be a hero in the present, and this frustrates you. You’re seeking an end-result that exists in your imaginary future.So, you work hard everyday, convinced that you can make your BPD partner “better.” You want to be the hero! You keep telling yourself that you know your partner could be so much better. When you seek a repeat of the Honeymoon Period, you lose focus on reality.Often times in BPD and Bipolar relationships, less is more.I don’t like disrespect, insults, or lies as much as the next person. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself pulled into an argument that you can’t win.

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