Dating a man in his 40s Online sax wpb live xxx

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He had been very hurt because his wife ended the marriage. He met this woman that he started dating and I could tell he adored her by the way he described their relationship.

He told me that he felt like she was the one for him.

By all accounts it felt to me like the attention he was showering on me was a bit unusual for him.

I took a chance and asked him if he would like to go walking on the local bike trails a few days later.

We both hit it off nicely and it was clear we were both interested in seeing each other again.He knows now that it was probably not love, but he was feeling it at the time.He was almost embarrassed that he said it out loud to her.Then by mid-week, I got a text from him in the middle of my day while I was at work.He said he’s sorry to drop this on me but that a woman he used to date contacted him the day before.

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