Currier piano serial number dating

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The iron stringing plate below is from an 1840 Stodart square which added strength to the piano in order to accommodate heavier strings and a larger cabinet thus producing greater power.

By the-turn-of-the-century, the organ had all but disappeared as the piano became the instrument of choice for the American home.

Second, the back of the instrument was usually finished with beautifully carved woodwork or fretwork in case the instrument was to be placed with the back facing the choir or congregation. Many were constructed with delicate reeded legs in some cases six legs and a matching damper pedal. Ernest went north and west and within two months had enough sales to meet his needs. They usually have information on the original purchase.

Thousands of song titles were available for player piano rolls, and rolls were sold by the millions.

Still, every once in a while, an older instrument with special value surfaces.

By this time everyone got into the act, and every piano maker so manufactured a player of some sort.

Fazioli is a relatively small company, producing somewhere between 120 and 130 pianos a year, all hand made in Italy.

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