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It was such a powerful experience and real dream come true, and to have Shonda and the whole cast welcome me with open arms really was an honor." cast is just as close-knit as it seems."[With] my first two episodes, everything that I shot was on location, so I hadn't met the cast. Vance], so I didn't really have an idea of the full interworkings of the cast.Will Marcus Walker remain the Olivia Pope & Associates nice guy, or will he scratch that political itch viewers have now seen?Below, Smith opens up about his career and what Shonda Rhimes has in store for all the gladiators out there. At the time the role was a guest star, possible recurring, and I couldn't make it to the audition because this was right before Christmastime.

There are no egos on set, you don't feel like you're walking on ice.

So when I look back at it, from that perspective [of] not knowing, you can see the interactions between Marcus and Mellie and you can see that it's there.

You see little traces of it before we reach the initial spark, which is that scene in the hallway.

"Obviously, having employment as an actor is a very good thing!

" The now-34-year-old, who moved to Los Angeles from Detroit while working on the daytime soap, didn't have set plans to pursue an acting career out west: " taped in New York and then moved to California, so I moved with the show.

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