Consolidating library itunes 10

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To put it simply, my tracks are scattered in many non-i Tunes folders throughout my hard drive, even in another partition on my hard drive. What is the most efficient way to consolidate these track into i Tunes.

(I can currently see them all in i Tunes, because I manually imported many of them there, over the years.) 2.

It means that i Tunes will access to every song if they are stored on your computer.

* You can't do it manually, i Tunes doesn't "see" any moves you make outside of the program. If I'm hearing you correctly, outside of the "Consolidate" command, all management of music in i Tunes is handled internally within i Tunes (as in importing music). If I change my folder to that drive, would consolidate my library copy everything to that drive, or to the original (Main hard drive)or the external drive?

I need to free up 50 gigs on the main drive to install some software.

To further muddy the waters, if the i Tunes Music folder was created by i Tunes 8 or earlier, then it will retain the older name (i Tunes Music), even if you update to a newer version of i Tunes.

The instructions outlined here will use the vernacular found in i Tunes version 12.x Before you begin, you must have a current backup of your Mac, or at the very least, a current backup of i Tunes.

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