Computer not updating group policy

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For obvious reasons, I cannot test the server being shutdown and restarted constantly.

But after a few days pass, I do see (for example, network shares) being applied and actually working.

If you select 0 minutes, the computer tries to update Group Policy every 7 seconds.

To avoid the performance degradation, you should not set it to a low figure.

But if you wish you can change – reduce or increase – the Group Policy Refresh Interval using the Group Policy Editor on Windows 10/8/7.

Read: How to force Group Policy Update in Windows 10.

This policy setting specifies how often Group Policy for computers is updated while the computer is in use, in the background.

In addition to background updates, Group Policy for the computer is always updated when the system starts or a user logs in.

To change the way Windows update the Operating System (Windows 10) via Group Policy we are going to make sure we have Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home will not have the option to reschedule the Updates via Group Policy, since it does not have Group Policy installed, it is a feature present only on Windows 10 Pro.

First (link order 1) is the Default Domain Policy, which was created automatically and has settings for password policies.

Second (link order 2) is a policy that describes drive maps, folder redirection, and some offline files.

The number you type in the random time box sets the upper limit for the range of variance.

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