Clever tips for basement updating

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It’s like totally functional art in the room (plus it’s freestanding so we didn’t have to wrestle with our insanely difficult cinder block walls).We also grabbed a lamp shade from Target (which was meant for a basic table lamp) and inverted it to create a super affordable and polished looking linen shade that’s a whole lot prettier than the cold and industrial bare bulb that used to reside on the ceiling.Happily, we still have over 35″ to walk around, roll out bikes out, etc.Then all that was left to do was apply a bit of window frosting film, which we accomplished in less than 40 minutes (and for under ).

After a few coats of Benjamin Moore’s Bunker Hill Green 566 (which we had color matched to a quart of Behr paint so it only ran us ) it was the perfect way to obscure that eyesore of a water heater without blocking access to the other side of the basement.

It wasn’t as if the room flooded by any means, but it was damp and nasty because water slowly oozed through the walls and pooled on the floors (so we couldn’t store a thing in there for fear of moisture damage and even worse… And since Drylok is seriously nasty stuff, don’t forget to break out the gas mask!

The difference that just the tan Drylok and the chocolate floor paint made in the room was pretty unbelievable- and our moisture issues were a thing of the past. Then it was on to brainstorming the most functional (and budget-friendly) floor plan we could think up.

And because nothing is more annoying than needing a drop of paint for a touch-up and opening the can to find a spoiled and sticky mess, we decided that investing a few dollars to upgrade each can to a new metal container that seals securely was definitely worth the time and effort since it would save all of our paint for years to come.

Plus we jumped a the chance to organize and identify our new paint cans (yeah, we’re nerds and we actually went to Office Max and got printed labels).

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