Christian jehovah witness dating

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Hence, when a Christian woman cares for matters pertaining to worship that ordinarily would be performed by her husband or by a baptized man, she should wear a head covering.​—1 Corinthians 11:3-10.

Situations in which a Christian woman ought to wear a head covering may arise in her marriage relationship.

At a midweek meeting for field service, for example, there may only be Christian sisters present, no baptized males.

There may be other occasions when no baptized males are present at a congregation meeting.

When conducting the study and when praying under these circumstances, the sister should cover her head.

Even though the male publisher is not yet baptized, outsiders identify him with the congregation because of his preaching activity.

Similarly, no head covering is required for sisters taking part in demonstrations, relating experiences, or handling student talks in the Theocratic Ministry School.

While teaching within the congregation is to be done by baptized men, both men and women have the responsibility of preaching and teaching outside the congregation.

If her husband is not present, the wife need not wear a head covering, since she is divinely authorized to teach the children.​—Proverbs 1:8; .

If she wishes, she may ask him to conduct the study.

But since he could not properly represent the baptized sister in prayer to Jehovah, it would be proper for her to pray at the study.

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