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Derek Hough is currently dating professional dancer Hayley Erbert. Hayley was born in Kansas, USA and she has been dancing all her life.The professional dancer used to do gymnastics and she was also Miss Kansas Teen USA, back in 2013.Apparently, he enjoys his single life or maybe he feels that he doesn’t have enough time to start raising a family.Apparently, Derek enjoys outdoor dates very much, He has been sighted next to his girlfriend and ex’s going out for strolls and jogging.Cheryl was also seen next to Simon Cowell in The X Factor.Derek and Cheryl had a very private relationship in 2010.He’s a professional dancer, choreographer and director. Derek comes from a family of dancers, his 4 sisters, parents and grandparents from both his sides are all accomplished artists of the dance floor.

According to some media, Derek likes brunettes with tanned skin.She was born in the UK where she also took her first steps in the entertainment business.India started as a singer/songwriter but after appearing in Run Fatboy, Run she switched to acting.In 2009 she appeared in the teen drama series One Tree Hill and after that she was seen in more series such as Jane by Design, How I Met You Mother and Castle.She and Derek started dating back in 2000 and their relationship lasted for 8 years before Derek cheated on her with his co-star Shannon Elizabeth.

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