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Wow, it's been a LONG time since we did one of these, but as I was going through our old posts, I found an earlier one about the Virtual Stripper and thought I'd check to see if it was still up (it is).What's more, there was a new one on the site that I hadn't seen before, The Virtual Girlfriend.If Satan can get youth to break the law of chastity, he can frustrate the purposes that we fought for valiantly in the premortal realm.“If we could see each other for who we really are—children of our Father in Heaven—we would treat each other with the reverence, respect, and dignity that our spiritual heritage demands,” says Sister Dalton.“When we understand our divine identity, it will define all of our relationships with each other.” The world, especially the media, would have us violate or ignore Heavenly Father’s teachings on dating and marriage.

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The Romanian weather girl tries to save her modesty by pulling up her top after exposing her white bra - before the camera cut to her colleagues who were eagerly watching.

The saucy weather forecast, a far cry from those Carol Kirkwood presents on BBC News, happened on Romania's Neatza cu Razvan si Dani TV show.

As worldly morals continue to degenerate, they challenge and even threaten traditional beliefs of dating and marriage.

The proclamation also has the doctrine for dating; it describes the boundaries on our physical relationships in that ‘the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between …husband and wife.’”to understand the role of agency and their own identity.“In the premortal council in heaven, all of us fought to have agency.

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