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Many of them are in fact new to the examiners, from the frequent changes which have lately occui'red in their corps.

The task is rendered more onerous in consequence of the investigations being extended over such a length of time; the cases of an early date being no longer familiar to the mind, but requiring sono©- thing of the care and labor of so many new ones. Saw, circular, cutting teeth in, (an- tedated March 19, 1838.) Saw, for sawing ice Saw-set A.

REPORT or THC COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS FOR THE YEAR 1852. It must not be inferred, from the comparatively brief space occupied by these statements and tables, that the information conveyed is less than usual.

It will serve, in some degree, to show with what a steady progress the busiress of the Ofii Qe has advanced for the period embraced, and how strong is the presumplioti that it will be constantly enlarged herenfter.

Yemt 1841 1842 1843 1844 1845 1846 1847 1848 1849 18S0 1851 1862 Applicationa Ca Teati Patent* filed. ,413 01 36,505 68 35,315 81 42,509 26, 51,076 14 50,264 16 63,111 19 67,576 69 80,752 78 86,927 05 95,738 61 112,056 34 Cash ezpendei. It is gratifying to perceive from this table that there is no felterin^ among us in the march of improvement Looking at what has already^ been accomplished, some find it difficult to'conceive that this flood of dia* * coveries and improvements is still to maintain its progress, and even ex- hibit a swelling tide.

The latter can be readily supplied from the Classified List of Patents issued. Table %xh%b U%ng the business of the Office for tweloe years, ending December 31, 1852. 847 312 495 761 291 517 819 315 631 1,045 380 502 1,246 452 502 1,272 448 619 1,531 533 672 1,628 607 660 1,955 595 1,076 2,193 602 995 ; 2,258 760 869 2,639 9% 1,020 Caah recei Ted.

Any marked addition to their numbers involves, therefore, an addition to the labors of the examiner.

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Some tables showing the transactions of the Office for each month, and one exhibiting the number of patents issued to the citizens of each State, are all that are omitted.

All the statistics of any consequence, which it is customary to furnish in this form, will be found in them.

These statements will, it is believed, evince to the satisfaction of every one that the increase of business fully justifies the increase which has taken place in the expenditures.

Last year the surplus of expenditures over receipts, which was carried to ' the credit of the Patent fund, was ,^8,821 68; this year it is ,139 43.

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