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Feel free to comment or ask questions about anything regarding this blog!James Gordon First some basic tips for your pvp macros and spells: Always remember to use keybindings, you don't want yourself using the mouse too much, when you have keys in good reach of your fingers at all times.

First off are some pvp warrior macros, hope they can help you improve your gameplay!There was an addon past xpac or two that announced such events correctly. If you have WA / TMW / some such addon I would look at target debuff or some way for the stun spell id and then report that in chat.There was an addon past xpac or two that announced such events correctly. From my googlefu I found that you can only report a spell ID of an interrupted spell that is interrupted by a silencing effect.For example Shift-T, as you only need to press the shout every 2-6 minutes, and isn't fatal if you don't manage to press the button in time.-Undind Z and X, and use them to something more useful, for example war stomp and intimidating shout.You don't need to sit down or flashing your weapons, when in a good pvp battle.

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