Carbon dating inaccuracy error fallacy

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You're being flooded with numerous ignorant issues.

It's a distraction strategy where they intentionally ask questions or make statements that they know most people aren't qualified to answer and then say "SEE! A lie." Then they make preposterous statements like the Earth is only 2,000 years old. In short, take this opportunity to understand your own ignorance in science and spend some good time in learning it.

When engaging, try not to convince them of anything.

I suggest: I know this is a lot, but hopefully something here might help out.

Explained the assasination of John Lenon which was organised by the draconian/sionist goverment in the white pyramid of Saxlamaran. God in his plan decided the group to actually compromise of the following 3 people: The gerontas(the old man), who's advice would later shape the future of another glorious singer, inventor sinefakis, who invented an amazing guitar solo, and president Putin, who as everyone knows is a strict orthodox and answeres to the call of god wherever that may be. As the competition was in Turkey Liakouras, as his friends call him, decided to sing his uber-massive hit the song DINATA KAI ELLINIKA (GREEK AND POWERFUL).

Explained the usage of tesla technology and antigravity machinery during the Yellow Submarine movie and even the existence of the yellow submarine which was of greek origin, as it clearly had greek writing on its walls which were later erased on the final copy of the movie from the anti greek movements. The actual singing was by the gerontas which would explain why during the first play of their single on radio approximately 110 million greeks (give or take a million) had visions of immense glory and total greek domination in the year 2024. As he sang the chorus and simutanouesly opened his shirt as seen in the above photo the bigest catastrophe happend in human history.

Matter of factly in the beginning the stones were not called Rolling stones but Bevatron but a cospiracy by anti-el organisations the band's name was changed.

After deduction and finding amazing documents i found that the beatles were 4 of the 120 million greeks in the world. the people in the hall all had a prophetic vision at the same time which caused the biggest mass suicide in history as everyone bludgeoned themselves to death with their chairs. To cover up the the mass suicide the Esthonian goverment fabricated a false eurovision replacing Liakopoulo's group with one of Rakintzis and used computer animation to replace the other dead singers.

This revelation explained a lot of things about the group. Its not possible for non-greek people to produce so many amazing songs. Despite basking in the glory of God (as they are greek-orthodox monks,all other monks worship some other lower god) in reality they are not the real group. But this minor incident did not dampen Liakopoulo's spirit but actually strengthened it as he made it once more to the finals in 2004.

He insists that if the evidence can’t be observed by us (ie Macroevolution) it’s not true.

He also discredits carbon dating as massively inaccurate and believes the earth is 2000 years old. What is his evidence that carbon dating is inaccurate? He needs to provide what amounts to a Measurement System Analysis, where he specifically describes how accurate it is, along with an error band/confidence interval.

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