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This particular quote from Driscoll’s article stood out to me: “Gentlemen, it is a terrifying thing for a woman to trust a sinful man.” What a reminder for the need of God’s grace in our relationships since everyone involved is a sinner.

She asks for practical advice on how to prepare for potential problems.

The second half of the book describes how men and women are to relate to one another in complementary ways. This article provides some helpful guidelines in how men, especially those in roles of spiritual leadership, should conduct themselves in order to be blameless and above reproach in their interactions with women.

Here are chapter titles from the second half of the book: He Initiaties…She Responds He Leads…She Guides He Works…She Waits He Protects…She Welcomes Protection He Abstains to Protect…She, to Test His Unmet Desire Drives Him toward Marriage…Hers Is Rewarded with Marriage He Displays Integrity…She, Inner Beauty He Loves by Sacrificing…She, by Submitting He Seeks His Happiness in Hers…She Seeks Hers in His He Is the Primary Provider for the Family…She, the Primary Nurturer The following articles have been well-worth the time spent reading them. It’s not exhaustive of every situation and danger, but seems to focus on the need for discernment and caution when serving others.

His insight provides clarity and direction for those who are dating, pursuing marriage, or those who seek to prepare for that blessing.

The book gives guidance regarding male-female responsibilities from the beginning of a relationship–as it unfolds when a young man and woman find themselves attracted to one another—to the full blossom of that attraction as found in the covenant of marriage.

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