Blid dating

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It feels like the romance and serendipity is taken out of a date that's been set up.We didn't run into one another, we didn't meet by some sort of strange or cute circumstance.I want to be able to choose exactly what I'm in the mood for. Maybe I'm over simplifying it with these comparisons, but there are even more variables in meeting the right person than finding a food you like.You both need to be in the right state of mind to get together. I have so many friends that think certain girls are hot that I don't think are hot, and vice versa.Rejecting someone is awkward enough, but it's even more awkward if it's a friend of your friend who set you up.Hopefully, friends don't have expectations when they set you up with people.Have you tried meeting guys the old-fashioned way (J and I met at a bar!), given your best shot at the whole online dating thing (why do the guys who are always way out of your age range try to contact you?

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It was basically a Melanie Griffith "" business suit with a giant belt and shoulder pads.

Now, while those suits seem to be back in now, at the time my sister was appalled and ended up taking the suit back.

My friend says that I should date as much as I can so I can at least use some dates as "". Hey, I'm all for dating, I just want to choose who I go on the date with.

So have any of you had any blind dates that turned into a serious relationship?

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