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But I know I have a ton of attributes that should be working in my favor, so why does it feel like they aren’t? I work in news broadcast and he works in sports radio broadcast. It no longer felt like it was just a casual “watching all the stories on his dash” thing from him. He knows one of my good friends at work, and went to school with another coworker of mine. Ever been in a position where you felt like the person you were pursuing was absolutely meant for you and vice versa, but life stuff just kind of got in the way? It comes and goes in waves but I very much struggle with being single.I desire to be in a loving, committed relationship with a guy I can also call my best friend. It’s tough for me to meet men who I think are worth my time and energy.Long gone are the days of countless single friends, countless single bars, and endless time on your hands.

Summer was in full swing and I was enjoying every bit of my single life.I feel like a young woman as outgoing, independent and attractive as myself should have men fawning over her. I don’t mean that to sound conceited, even though it completely does. Like I was going to run into him by mistake and it would indeed be weird and uncomfortable. I’ve built my life on my own, without the help of really anyone (other than my parents).I make my own income, I make all my own decisions, I’m independent and strong, opinionated and educated.

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