Best cybersex chat bot that learns

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Most consumers who use instant messaging chat programs to interact with their service providers very well might not realize that they have likely interacted with a chat bot that is able to crawl through a provider's public Internet page for information acquisition [7].

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reported that approximately 19 million bot accounts were tweeting in support of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the week before the U. These pervasive bots are said to have swayed public opinion. K., Germany, Syria and China, with each example offering an alternative case whereby bots have been used to further specific political agendas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed concern over the potential for social bots to influence this year's German national election [35].

She brought to the fore the ways in which fake news and bots have manipulated public opinion online by spreading false and malicious information.

Shockingly, one unofficial audit noted that about 95% of Mr.

Abbot's 203000 followers were fake, with 4% “active” and only 1% genuine [15].

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