Ben dating colorado new york rockstar dating site

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They knew they wanted to marry in Colorado “at the beginning of the summer when the wildflowers are in bloom,” so they set a date of June 26, 2015.

“There were multi-colored lights in the trees,” says Kate, “and a teepee village had a roaring bonfire going.“She arrived at the agreed Brooklyn restaurant in a Ford pick up truck, with a can of Budweiser in the cup holder, playing Bruce Springsteen—for a boy from England, that was it.” Continuing with the no fear theme, Ben embarked on a trip to visit Kate in Aspen, where she was working at the time, for their second date. “We were building our former house in downtown Charleston and had just finished the demo—so the whole inside was gutted down to the studs,” remembers Kate. The house didn’t feel like our own, but more of a money sucking job site.A few days turned into a week after a few convenient snow storms blocked all planes from getting out, and it was during this time that they started to realize this might be the real thing. I was the contractor on the build, which was convenient but also very challenging.There were also blow up animals in the pond.” Shoes quickly flew off.“My dress was full of grass stains by the end of the night, and a pizza guy delivered 50 pies at a.m.

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