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I actually just returned from a golf trip to Bandon Dunes in Oregon.

It was pretty awesome and I may post a future blog on the trip.

More → The Bean Counter4 Comments This article on accounting firm rejection is part two in our New Fall series “Notes From The Recruiting Trail”. It’s when the plan on selecting the most interns and full-time hires.

Don’t miss the first article on the timing of accounting firms hiring efforts and how to reach out to all firms (not just those on campus). I received a huge spike in questions this time of year.

Yea I know you heard about the kick-butt accounting kids who passed on the first try, without studying and knocked out the entire exam in a week. I’d also recommend not dressing like the next Gordon Gecko…

More → The Bean Counter6 Comments This is an excerpt from the course Get Hired From Big 4 Accounting Firms, enjoy!

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More → The Bean Counter0 Comments From the mailbag, “Can I Pass with the CPA Exam for Dummies?

More → The Bean Counter1 Comment From the mailbag about “paying off student loans each month, or saving big chunks”: Hey Andrew, I came across your post/ site and wanted to thank you for the inspirational story. Here is a discussion I jumped into in one of the best accounting student groups on Linked In. More → The Bean Counter13 Comments The age old question for every young accounting student asks, “What Line Of Business Should I Chose In Public Accounting: Audit or Tax? Logic, evidence, reason = Audit Rules, legislations, research = Tax Things need to make sense in my brain. More → The Bean Counter1 Comment If you didn’t know, there are 2017 CPA exam changes coming. You can find that out by talking to any CPA in their 50’s.

I’ve been paying interest only on my k loans since graduation and am ready to be more aggressive. More → The Bean Counter14 Comments Over the past few weeks I’ve been reviewing accounting resumes like crazy helping people gear up for career fairs and interviews! They’ll go on an on about the olden days where Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid failed the exam, and you had to take…

Click here for the short version of 42-page “The Interview” e Book or the full version.

“Office Visits” Before we get into the exact accounting interview questions they’ll ask, as I mentioned in the podcast, the office visit isn’t what I… More → The Bean Counter0 Comments Fall recruiting is the busiest time of the year for accounting firms.

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