Bayonet dating

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Most of these bayonets also have the Rumanian CM marking.The Germans took over production of the VZ24 bayonet during WWII, and the markings changed: Wa A only.A shorter version of the 23 can be found with a length of 384mm as opposed to the 540mm of the long blade version.Collectors call the two versions the VZ23 Long and VZ23 short respectively.

It is possible to find blades and scabbards showing both stampings.

My idea would be that Czechoslovakia only came into being after WWI so there would have been a lot of early production to build up supplies, after this production would be slow or non existent, remember the late 20's saw the great depression, which lasted well into the 30's - part of the reason Hitler came to power - it would only be in the late 30's as Germany was seen as a threat that production would be restarted to refill warehouses or increase the size of the army, this may well account for the non availability of some years.

MARKINGSCzech manufactured models are stamped with a ricasso mark CSZ over a letter.

Made with the Blade edge upwards as per the Austrian pattern these blades can also be found with a more normal edge down blade.

During WWII the Germans used large numbers of Czech blades and removed the muzzle rings, as per standard German practice - the very long hilt groove proving to give sufficient support for the mounted weapon.

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