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On February 17th no update came, and stayed stuck on version "170216-0" for straight!Newer definitions were coming through for Avast 9 and higher, so it appeared something was wrong here.I've never seen an actual pop-up ad display on the desktop of this system--there are ads when I open the Avast software itself usually at the bottom of the software screen but I've never seen an ad from Avast display on my desktop itself..It just claims I have the most current definitions downloaded, which is not the case. I then tried installing Avast 9, and that version finally does update properly, to February 22, 2017. After complete, restart your computer and then go to Avast = Updates and check are you using the latest version now.You can also contact Avast using their support forum or email.At this point it would appear version 7 and 8 have been unofficially dropped from support.I suppose I could do a minimal install of Avast 9 or higher. As new updates are released almost every 24-48 hours, the version reported will change frequently. Avast 9 = version 9.0.2021.515 (or simply "Avast 2014").

A similar definitions update problem popped up early last week on two of my machines running Avast, but I was able to resolve it by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Avast 7. A look at Avast's website (» mentions support dropped as of January 1, 2017 for version 4.8.0 has VPS, but there is mentioned about version 5 to 8.

If anyone out there is still getting updates for their Avast 7 though, please report about it here. Internet Edition I have is: Program version: 17.1.2286Definitions version: 170222-3»forum.avast.com/··· oard=2.0 also lists the newest version of the Free/Pro/Internet/Premiere flavors as 17.1.2286. Bottom line: Every version of Avast, new or old, should have the same definition version. They're older versions of the program that are/were still supported.

I just tried installing Avast 9, but twice my system automatically updated it to Avast 11.2.2262 (even though I set it to 'manual' update, grrr). Avast 2017 (version 17) won't install under Windows XP/SP2 incidentally. I keep a couple of systems with an older OS for certain hardware and software compatibility, plus occasional testing.

The next two days saw successful definition updates, and I thought all was well.

Problem was, I began monitoring the software closely after this..closely!

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