Asian men dating outside their race

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This particular facet of sexual racism today can easily be disguised as an innocuous admiration for someone’s culture.

You may be thinking, what’s the harm in appreciating someone for their race?

Another contentious topic in the dating world is the fetishization of minorities by white people.

It’s no coincidence that Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele employed the horror genre in his 2017 film “Get Out” to examine this phenomenon.

But what about race-specific dating apps like Black People Meet?

Is there a double standard when people of color choose to date within their race or reject white partners? Black people and other racial minorities need exclusive spaces where they feel understood and appreciated in a society that deems them lesser.

Likewise, Asian men were ranked as the least attractive group by most women.

These stats echo the historical degradation and defeminization of black women’s appearances in racist media as well as the stereotypical feminization of Asian men in television and movies.

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But it does illuminate problematic dynamics that can occur in these situations.

Racial fetishism also demands a level of performance from the person of color who may not naturally exude the traits you expect them to have.

This isn’t to say that any sort of attraction a white person has for a person of color is inherently problematic.

Isn’t it a compliment that I’m especially attracted to this group of people?

Don’t these attitudes toward people of color help to eliminate racism rather than perpetuate it? When you reduce human beings to characteristics, often stereotypical of their race, ethnicity, or culture, you’re objectifying them to fulfill your own personal wishes and expectations for how they should look and/or behave.

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