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which is currently in its second season and airs new episodes on Friday nights.(HGTV and Animal Planet are both owned by Discovery, other channels in their network include Food Network, History Channel, TLC and Travel Channel, and they also own Antonio Ballatore – “Well, it’s like this.What I really wanted to be was a rock and roll musician.He has worked as a set designer in New York City and Los Angeles and has built and designed homes, night clubs and restaurants in both cities, the suit states.The work done by G’ Bros was performed “negligently, carelessly and defectively,” the suit states.

Ballatore is a licensed contractor in New York, but not California, the suit alleges.Is there anyone from this season’s cast that you’d bring on as a sidekick or for a guest appearance? Did you get to pick your construction crew or work with any of the guys who helped you on the final challenge? One of the guys on my crew was one of Dan’s crew guys. What, are you trying to cause some problems for me with Steve Watson now? I used to love his show, , which I’m hoping gets really dishy! As the competition went on, I felt like more and more, everything was just getting watered down and turned into these lame designs. My father did a lot of textile design back in the ‘60s and was also a visual director, doing windows for Henri Bendel, Tiffany’s, Macy’s, A&S—everything. Some of Antonio’s work doing set and prop design: Tell me more about the music stuff. It’s a one-off special, just to recap the season and to give a little peek inside my life and get me all wrapped up.The Season 4 champion of HGTV’s “Design Star” reality show is being sued by a consumer who alleges he was overcharged for improvements done on his home and that the work was negligently performed.The reality show includes contestants designing living spaces for homes.

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