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Eli Soriano entertain any question they may have about the Bible and its Author started. Eli has been answering live queries of faith on radio and television since 1980, it was when the Bible Expositions took off that made many more people aware of the International Evangelist and his Tagalog program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path).Leaving the rest to history, the Bible Exposition now caters to a global audience and is served in different languages.Eli Soriano as resource person who answers people’s questions on faith, salvation and more of the likes.The inquirers, coming from various parts of the globe, gather at the traditionally stationary ADD monitoring centers equipped with satellite and Internet facilities.

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Unlike its sister program, Ang Dating Daan, the program features a question and answer format in which any visitor in the show can ask Soriano about biblical teachings.

He regularly conducts "Bible Expositions" in specific venues (stadiums, public places, etc.) where the people can ask him personally on biblical issues, the Exposition is then recorded and broadcast as this show.

Currently, Itanong mo kay Soriano airs in 73 countries worldwide including United States, Latin America, Uruguay Brazil, Portugal (as "O Caminho Antigo"), Spain (as "El Camino Antiguo"), India, South Africa, Saipan.

In this blog, readers will find Q & As or topics culled from past Bible Expositions that can shed biblical light on problems or happenings in society today. From Local Birth to Global Broadcast It was in 1993 when Bro.

Daniel Razon’s idea to invite family and friends to a gathering where they can enjoy dinner together and have Bro.

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