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teenchat is so cool..i've tried so many other chatrooms and i don't have as much fun as i do when i'm in're treated like family and you make friends so easily its soo cool!!!! I've been coming here for years and I've met so many cool people on this chat site! The only reason im in hippies because theres some brilliant people in there ive been here for about 3 years now ive enjoyed it so much and meet new friends lets face it you cant get no better than teen chat lol Been going to Teen chat for 7 years now.

I love all the new things that's been done to it! I must say its been alot of fun, specially in the old days of Teen chat, I'm sure some people I know can relate with me on this and say that I am absolutely happy that this place even exists otherwise I woulda never met any of my friends, Especially my best friend Sarah, who now lives with me and is the bestest friend that anyone could ask for. I can really relate to the people in the Emo Chat room =) I have been chatting on this site forever now.


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