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SAHABA I can make your wildest fantasies come true. He grabs a tea cup and starts pouring while dancing. SAHABA I'll leave you two here to chat about anything you want... Sahaba lifts her dress to reveal AAMIR, Middle eastern child dressed in flowing garbs, who starts dancing with her. About Iran: Thanks to the verbal war between Washington and Tehran, Everyone who loves politics knows Tehran is the Iranian capital. Iranian Chat Room Rules: Even though you're allowed to find love, please note that this is not like an online dating service website.But make no mistake - Iranians are not all about Nuclear weapons. Friends login to meet old classmates and build business relationships with Persians, Azerbaijanis and other beautiful people. This is a free Iran chat room with no registration needed. COMMERCIAL SET #1 ABDUL, 30's creepy Afghan man wearing women's sandals backward and a dirty man-dress with blood on the crotch, lies seductively on a pile of hay while talking to someone on a cheap cellphone. Shitty, slow, sexual Persian music is playing in the background. The announcer has a deep middle eastern man's voice. Sahaba shows some wrist as she pours more water on the rocks.

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If you would like to meet with nice people from different countries of the world you will need a guideline. You will able to find many online good services on this site. Camera pans to reveal Abdul lovingly fucking a goat. ABDUL I may be busy right now but when you call you'll get our full attention. If you are using a computer, please click on Regular button above.The link mobile is used for mobile phones, i Pads etc chatting.

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