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As any true Ohio State fan knows, Brutus Buckeye is more than just a school mascot, he’s a crucial member of the OSU family. Here’s a look back at how Brutus became the lovable nut head we know him as today!

The original Brutus Buckeye costume was an unwieldy papier-mâché creation, pieced together with crude bits of wood and chicken wire by undergrads Ray Bourhis and Sally Lanyon.

The costume also featured a much more anthropomorphic body allowing the wearer full use of their arms.

You won't want to miss the region's end-of-summer celebration with free activities all day long at Sawyer Point, plus one amazing fireworks show over the Ohio River.

After two weeks, the head was upgraded to a lighter and more durable fiberglass version, and the name was selected in student-voted poll in November 1965.

Three years later saw the costume’s first major redesign, bringing with it a mouth that could be flipped from a wide grin to a pouty frown when the Bucks were doing poorly in a game.

While he may undergo minor updates and wardrobe changes over the coming decades, he’s finally found his look, and Ohio State’s iconic nut-man is here to stay.

Just a few days away from Ohio State's season opener against Florida Atlantic, it's prime time for everyone to make your predictions for how things will unfold – mostly so you can be shamed at the end of the year for your wrongness.

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    A barkcloth is a woven textile made of strips derived from the inner bark of trees and hold great artistic and cultural significance in Polynesia. The other barkcloth was collected by former FSU Professor of Art History Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk and added to the archive.