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Hi friends, I have a huge code for worksheet change events.

The problem is that the screen keeps flickering every time I select from a data validation list or enter something into the cells. Screen Updating = False in the beginning of the code and True at the bottom of the code. Is there any other way to stop these irritating flickers?

Objects (such as forms and reports) and controls (such as command buttons and text boxes) have various event properties to which you can attach macros or procedures.

Each event property is associated with a specific event, such as clicking the mouse, opening a form, or modifying data in a text box.

This article helps orient you to the programming tools in Access.

In Access, programming is the process of adding functionality to your database by using Access macros or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code.

In this tutorial, I will show some examples which you can copy and modify at ease.

The below Procedure open and close the workbooks in the folders and subfolders, you can further add your own code to modify the workbooks.

Your database can get complex if you add many macros or procedures to several event properties of many objects, but in most cases, you can achieve the results that you want by using very little programming.

FSO can also be used in other Microsoft Products such as ASP, Word, Access, etc.

Therefore you just need to modify the workbook specific Objects in my examples in order to use the code in other products. If you fail to run FSO Object, open VBE (ALT F11) After using FSO, you can loop workbooks in a folder and do whatever you want.

When you create a database that will be used by other people, you should try to avoid including programming tools that require the user to specifically grant trusted status to the database.

General techniques for avoiding the need for users to trust your database come later in this section.

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