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Once you have installed the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run, this program will give you two files and This is all you need to 1st: download the Office 365 source files from the internet to a local repository and 2nd: Install Office 365 silently.First, you’ll need to download and install the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run.Install this on a dedicated (file) server which will host the share and will hold a local copy of the Office 365 setup files.That will deactivate User A's install, requiring User B to activate.If the computer is shared by multiple users (a terminal server or a student lab), then you should look into Shared Computer activation. In my organization, I haven't bothered with deactivating during normal PC turnover, until a user hits the 5 device limit.

Visit Stack Exchange Office 365 allows (*) any user to install all Office applications (currently Office 2016) for which he/she has been granted a license on up to 5 devices; if the user installs the applications from the Office 365 portal, the installed software is automatically linked to his/her user account; if instead the Office Deployment Tool is used, the software is not automatically activated, and the user is asked to sign in to Office 365 when first starting any Office program, in order to activate it.When this install script is executed, it checks for O551c3_1n.txt, only if this file is found, the script continues.This script then looks for C0mp1et3_0ff1c3.txt, if this file doesn’t exist, the script continues.This is all fine and good, but what to do if you want to change the associated user account for an Office installation?If User A used PC1 and thus the installed Office software on PC1 has been associated to User A's account, and now PC1 must be given to User B, how can I re-associate that Office installation to User B without having to reinstall the whole package?

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